Just for whining

A place to whine
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I wanted a place where I could whine and get things off my chest. I realize I could do just that in my own LJ, but I didn't want to clog it up with a lot of cry-baby entries - even 'private' ones. So I created this community.

It is open to anyone - but please remember this is NOT a support community. It's just a whining community.

Sometimes you just want to whine you

don't want comments.

don't want cyber hugs.

don't want to be helped.

don't want advise

And don't want to bog down your real LJ with whines.

You just want to get it off your chest.

The rules -

Post your whine. You will note that the comment mode has been disabled.

We don't want your comments

We don't want your cyber hugs

We don't want anyone to try and help us

We don't want anyone to 'fix' it.

We just want a chance to cry about it.

For the privacy of members, the default setting for posts is Friends Only.